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Introduction of Game

Curtis Sword is a 3D NFT ARPG Metaverse Mobile Game, founded in 2020, with the goal of exploring the value of Tokens and NFT in the encrypted world on blockchain.
Players will have full autonomy to explore and enjoy fun blockchain games, interactive social network space and a wide range of products and services.
Curtis Sword is an innovative blockchain game with more than 100 maps, and our Curtis Sword union is not only a gathering place for game players to communicate, but also a decentralized chemical industry with information integration, venture capital, and union membership autonomy.
The community is similar to the DAO in the encrypted world.Curtis Sword players will be able to purchase and own the mainland identity represented by NFT tokens, collect exclusive NFT collections, and develop and utilize their assets in Curtis Sword(virtual characters, virtual equipment, virtual world items, tools, etc.)
More importantly: The Curtis Sword DAO union will increase the economic value of GameFi through “play to earn”system and distribute game revenue to every union member. In Curtis Sword, union members can use CSC to join the mainland. Our economic system will be fully driven by CSC tokens, used from transactions to the purchase of goods and services, and provide union members the sustainable economic model in a new meta-universe. Our desire is not only to build a game of economic sustainability, but also to create a new type of crypto world where you can have a relaxing moment or get familiar with the financial market, build your own financial system, and learn blockchain's knowledge or follow the union to explore.
The change of the original Facebook name to Meta has surprised the world with the development of "meta universe".Curtis Sword will provide a brand new experience for union members to realize their self-worth in the encrypted world and devote themselves to this new "Meta Universe".
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