Curtis Sword Wiki

The NFT Equipment and Combat Power Output

The equipment output method is optimized to ensure the sustainable development of the ecosystem.

As we all know, we sold a total of 300,000 combat power NFT equipment in the early bird period of the project as an early benefit for early loyal fans and investors.

After the official launch, we must control the balance between the growth of combat power and output. Therefore we decided to:

1. In the initial mining stage of CSC, NFT equipment with 600,000 combat power will be provided in succession (including NFT equipment purchase, blind box extraction, weapon upgrade, pet upgrade);

2. A maximum of 20,000 new combat power is added every day, and the excess new combat power will be postponed to the next day, starting from the block height of 15,390,000;

3. Decentralize the powers to all DAO autonomous communities of Curtis Sword, all NFT equipment will be sold through DAO and Global Guilds, DAO and guilds will receive corresponding rewards, and all CSCs consumed by equipment sales will be sold through smart contracts Regularly hit the dead address: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001