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Four Heroes

Occupational race

Character name:Sarres

Occupation: Berserker

Weapon: Two-handed battle axe

Race: Dwarves

From the Dwarves at the Carson Snow Mountain in the northwest of the continent of Noah, Sarres is an experienced warrior who has more than two hundred years old, when he was young, Sarres left the tribe and became a powerful mercenary. He traveled all over the continent. In the rich and colorful adventure experience, Sarres's martial arts and wisdom have been greatly improved.
After 30 years of trekking, he returned to his hometown and served as the defensive captain of the Dwarves tribe. By chance, he reunited with his previously adventurous partner. An old friend said that he had joined the Dawn Council and told him that the Ashes were planning a conspiracy.
In order to help his old friend, Sarres left his hometown again and came to the South Sea Metropolitan Alliance to investigate.

Character name:Ivigny

Occupation: Paladin

Weapon: Great Sword/Holy Light

Race: Terran

Ivigny was born in an ordinary worker's family in the St. Reynolds Empire. Although Ivigny's father lived in an ordinary family, he still insisted on providing considerable donations to the church every week. The piety of his father had a great influence on the little guy.
At the age of sixteen,Ivigny passed a rigorous examination and became a trainee paladin with piety and hard work. After three years of practice, he became an official paladin, accepted a special recommendation and joined the directly subordinate armed paladin group in the palace of Kings.
The young Ivigny’s first task after taking office was to investigate the conspiracy of the Ashes in the South Sea Metropolis Alliance.

Character name: Syndra Daywalker

Occupation: Mage

Weapon: Staff

Race: Elf

Syndra Daywalker was born in a famous family in Surahia. The Daywalker family is a very important family among the nobility of Surahia. Regardless of strength or prestige, he is a member of the nobility.
As the daughter of Daywalker's family, Syndra has received elite education from birth,and she has never let down the high expectations of her family. So far, every aspect of Syndra's since birth has been filled with evaluation just be like excellent and genius. Unexpectedly, just as the family was preparing for her next goal, she disappeared without warning.
Two years later, when Syndra appeared again in front of the patriarch and her parents, she was already a senior member of the Dawn Council.

Character name: Muri Sombra

Occupation: Assassin

Weapon: Broken Soul

Race: Orc

Muri Sombra was born at the snow-capped mountains in the southern part of the Zoran Kingdom. Her parents were once orc slaves under a certain elven in the Dylannier Kingdom. After discovering that his wife was pregnant.then her father led the whole family to escape in order to give the child a better life. The family went through all kinds of hardships and finally came to the foot of the snow-capped mountains of Zoran Kingdom and started a new life.
Since she was a child, Muri Sombra has learned hunting with her father on the top of the snow-capped mountains and grew up as a hunter. When she was about to reach adulthood, Muri Sombra decided to leave her home to see the world outside.
After a lot of hard work, Muri Sombra was spotted by the Orc general who was ordered to form an intelligence agency in the capital of the Kingdom of Zoran, and joined the "Night Wolf" unit engaged in assassination work. After completing two and a half years of training, Muri Sombra’s first mission was to go to the South Sea Metropolitan Alliance to investigate the threat of the Ashes.