Curtis Sword Wiki

About Us

The world of Curtis Sword is combined with the blockchain to give users accessibility and ownership of data/objects.

Behind Curtis Sword is a large team with extensive experience in multiple fields. Members include cryptocurrency, banking and finance, venture capital, computer development, cyber security, European insurance, marketing, and art design. Industry etc...

Project Directors

Our CEO has successfully launched projects and businesses in the crypto field, and has specific ideas about how games on the blockchain with NFT attributes will have a significant impact on the entire game world, the crypto world and even the real world, and he will have a specific idea in the future. Gradually realized over the years, and Curtis Sword is his most important step in realizing his vision.
As for our CTO, he officially serves as an experienced software engineer at Unity Game Engine Company, which makes him truly a valuable and powerful growth potential for our games, and also makes it possible for the entire team to do anything we ever dreamed of.

Original Intention

Curtis Sword was originally a team of famous programmers. The developers always played a lot of games. This time, we chose ARPG blockchain games for development because we are all interested in the "eta Universe": we can see The potential of data and functions built using blockchain, so we must create our own world!
And now, we have forty colleagues who also love cryptocurrency and meta-universe, and we can proudly announce that we have an appealing group of people with lofty ideals, and we have taken a step towards "Meta Universe"!

Team Division

In our scene design, background story, art design, model drawing and original painting, illustration drawing.There are six talented designers to complete specific tasks: map design, character design, skill set, combat stance, drawing and 3D Modeling, and user experience, website branding, layout, and Curtis Sword image and audio production.
Similarly, the designers also have experience in using the Unity engine to create our level design and map content. Therefore, they will use the imagination brought by the artist to innovate with our developers, and draw a picture in the process. A vast blueprint of the magic universe!
For our playability, liquidity mining, economic sustainability, etc., we have two talented financial industry experts. They had the opportunity to work for the JP Morgan office, which is one of the largest in the European industry.


In summary As mentioned, due to our experience in these fields and a well-trained team, we will have a large number of ideas and functions added to our game, which will surely be achieved. We are convinced of this, and please be firm with us.